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IT Services

eLogicDecision Inc provides a range of services in the following areas:


IT Consultancy Services

eLogicDecision Inc provides Consultancy services in the following areas:


IT System Development and Implementation Services

eLogicDecision Inc provides system development and Implementation services in the following areas:

  • End to End Greenfield Solution development
  • This development can be done within an Enterprise SOA or an Application Architecture.

  • Upgrade of existing systems for Web-Enablement and Legacy integration
  • This development can involve integration of the existing legacy systems with JEE based front-end systems and connectors for Legacy integration.

  • Enterprise or Application framework development
  • This development can involve Enterprise wide frameworks to provide common services. It can also involve the development of architecturally significant frameworks to be used in applications and business services layer of an enterprise.

  • E-Business Solution for (Small and Medium Businesses) SMB’s
  • The solution can involve e-business application development, Portal based  integration and Business Process Workflow (BPM) based solutions.

  • Mobile App Development
  • The solution can be for iOS and Android based devices.


Cloud Services and SaaS style solutions

eLogicDecision Inc develops SaaS style application and system solutions on public clouds like Amazon AWS, IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Please get in touch with us for an Cloud based and Mobililty driven software solution.


IIoT & AI related Services

eLogicDecision Inc provides services in developing solutions in the Edge, Platform and the Enterprise Tiers of an IIoT Architecture solution. We provide AI based services using techiniques on Neural Nets and Deep Learning. These services are cost effective and are tailor-made with a high in-built quality standard.