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$Sentiment Trader – FX Currency Trader

The latest product to be developed by eLogicDecision Inc is in the area of FX Currency Trading.

eLogicDecision FX Currency Trader provides the FX trader with a single platform to regularly achieve maximum profits in their currency trading. To be a consistently profitable and a savvy trader, they need meaningful, live and actionable information from as many varied domains as is possible. Traditionally, these domains have been FXFundamental and FXTechnical domains.   However, eLogicDecision FX Currency Trader provides two additional powerful analytic domains, the FXSentiment and the FXPredictive analysis.

The importance of Fundamental and Technical analyses is well known. In addition, the FX $Sentiment Trader provides a sentiment analysis for a given FX currency pair. These sentiments are collected in real time and analyzed using the latest in-memory Technology platform, HANA from SAP. The sentiments are collected from platforms like Twitter, Facebook, e-Signal, Reuters amongst others. Foreign language sentiments are automatically translated into English before incorporating them into the Sentiment Trader tool. The FX Predictive Trader provides predicted price data from historical currency prices collected from the e-Signal platform. It also uses the powerful predictive analytics algorithms powered by the HANA platform from SAP.

eLogicDecision FX Currency platform provides valuable tools and actionable information to Hedge Funds trading FX, Market Makers as well as the Retail Traders. It also integrates  FX Currency Trading platforms like MT4 and Trade-Stations to this online platform.


eLogicEnergyTrader – Energy Trading System

eLogicDecision Inc has developed, and continues to enhance, a suite of tools that provide it with a competitive edge to trading in Energy Markets.

The elogicEnergyTrader has been developed as a contract management and settlement system. It consists of a central repository of contract data as captured by the system. Various functionalities exist in the system to perform activities related to settlements, risk management and portfolio management. 

The current business environment in which the tool can be used relates to the front, middle and back office of an energy trading house. It is to be used in an energy derivatives market. This system can be integrated with other analytical, forecasting, risk management tools and ERP tools that are being used in an organization.

The elogicEnergyTrader is based on the latest internet Java JEE technology. It is highly scalable and can be interfaced to other application; e.g. the trading floor applications. The layered architecture of the system allows it to incorporate new functionalities with minimum enhancements


Energy Trading System Functionalities :

The elogicEnergyTrader when combined with the forecasting and risk management tools becomes a powerful instrument capable of handling integrated analytics, trading and deal processing. The system provides a complete solution to manage and account for the end-to-end process of Energy Risk Management Trading. The core functionalities of the system correspond to each of the following business areas:

  1. Contract Management
  2. Contract Settlement
  3. Demand (Load) Forecasting
  4. Price Forecasting
  5. Risk Management
  6. Energy Trading
  7. Portfolio Management
  8. Financial and Management Reporting
  9. System Administration


myeHealthWallet – Health Services Platform

eLogicDecision Inc has developed, and continues to enhance the myeHealthWallet, a Health Services related platform. Its objective is to store all Health related data and information for a client. Its capability include use of AI based machine learning techniques to predict future health related events based on Big Data style analytical diagnostics analysis.

The product currently interfaces to Wearable information from companies like Withings.com which capture data from Garmin based health monitor mobile devices.